By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer

On Monday, October 10, in the Ohia Cafeteria, the Board of Student Activities (BOSA) pulled out the piano that is usually tucked away in the corner of the cafeteria and set it up close to the stage along with a few mics and a row of tables used for judging, making way for the seven-act talent show.

The seven acts there shared some similarities in talents. Most of the contestants played the piano, some did guitar, and one duo sang and played the guitar.

One of the contestants, freshman Crystal Tahata, played “Rose” from the original soundtrack of “Titanic.” She heard about the talent show from her Music 121 Introductory Piano class and was encouraged by her teacher to enter the talent show.

“I’ve been playing for about eight months,” she said. “I’m nervous, because I just learned that over the weekend that the interpretation of it (the song) is different than the actual soundtrack of it. So I’m kind of concerned with how I’m going to sound in terms of interpretation.”

Reiko Harata didn’t quite share the same nervousness that her other contestants felt due to her extensive years of experience behind the piano. The Liberal Arts major from Japan flawlessly performed the classically complex “Fantasy Impromptu” by Chopin.

“I’ve played for 20 years, but I also blanked for 20 years (laughs),” said Harata, who won the talent show and the accompanying $300 gift card to the KCC bookstore. “And now I’m taking the piano class, so I remember now.”

Harata proudly displays the sign that her friend made for her performance in the talent show

Harata proudly displays the sign that her friend made for her performance in the talent show. (Photo by Kayla Valera)

Harata had the support of her friends and family during her performance to cheer her on. Her boyfriend made an appearance along with her friend, who had previously made a poster of her name.

Contestants were given a 2-minute limit for their performances, but they wowed nonetheless.

The acts were mostly comprised of students. Even the intermission was filled by a student, Jeff Kim, who jumped onto the piano and entertained the crowd for a few minutes.

“The guy who did the intermission performance is awesome. I’m surprised he’s not actually in the show. He’s insanely good,” says Bradley Varney, a freshman at KCC who watched the talent show. “I love the talent show.”

Wooyop Kim finished second with a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” classic “Moon River” on the piano. She won a $200 gift card for his performance.

Krystal Mokuahi and Cody Shidaki, the lone duet of the show, did Kapena’s “Blue Darling.” Their performance earned them a $100 gift card.

A panel of judges of BOSA members, faculty and staff determined the winners.

The other performers were Michael Zanderigo, Crystal Tahata, Janny Wu and Juben Garces. Zanderigo played Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” on  his guitar. Wu did a rendition of “Bay Breeze” by modern artist Randall Hartsell on the piano. While Garces played “Violet Evergarden” on the piano as well.

The talent show was produced by the Board of Student Activities. BOSA said it has no plans for a talent show in the spring but will likely host another one next fall.

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