To the students and staff of KCC,

We, the Kapiʻo News, assure you that we stand with you in these times of great division.

While our college, or most schools in Hawaiʻi for that matter, have not experienced any reported discriminatory backlash in extreme measures, it is clear that these behaviors have seeped into other schools on the mainland. It is our hope that KCC remains a safe environment for every person of any demographic.

As this is being written, already more than 400 hate crimes have spurred throughout the U.S. since Election Day on November 8, according to Southern Poverty Law Center. A staggering amount of these incidents happened in K-12 schools, with colleges coming in third where these vitriolic attacks occur the most. We can no longer be anchored by our apathy or ignorance that this is happening.

Hatred should not be harbored in an institution where students are especially susceptible.

Students, teachers, or any member of KCC should see this school as a refuge from the hate that is being in our nation. People of whatever creed or culture should feel equal with their peers in every sense of the word. The least that we owe each other is respect. We don’t have to understand each other, but we should accept each other.

No individual should feel that their voice must be silenced in fear because of who they are.

In light of this, Kapiʻo News extends our services to any group on campus who feel marginalized or threatened, even if it’s from events outside of this school. Our journalism is dedicated to you. We hope to lend you our words in order to amplify your voices and elevate your message.

If there is anyone out there who witnesses racial slurs, sexual assault, xenophobic comments, or adversity of any kind done unto any individual of any magnitude, speak up.

We will follow you in doing so.

Mālama Pono,

Kapiʻo News