[Editor’s note: Kapiʻo News welcomes letters to the editors from all KCC students, faculty and staff.]

Dear ‘Ohana,

It is difficult to find the words to address a community that feels divided in a time that the country is expressing its division in view of the election results. In the past few weeks mixed emotions have emerged as we consider our future as a nation. For every one that is afraid, there are others that are hopeful. For those exhausted, there are equal numbers that are energized. The results have had people mobilize that before may not have been engaged, yet in this time of uncertainty there is no room for any person to have their voices be silenced. Kapiʻo News stated it well: “No individual should feel that their voice must be silenced in fear because of who they are.”

Kapi‘olani Community College values each individual and the diversity of the views they bring. Now is the time, a time of uncertainty, that we should come together as a community to dialogue in a respectful manner.

As we slowly allow time to pass and settle into a future that may seem uncertain, we, Kapi‘olani Community College, are not divided in our commitment to each individual’s education, personal growth and potential.

We are committed to you.

We stand by the ability for people to live in a community that they feel safe in to express themselves. We will not permit any intolerance or harassment based on religion, race, immigration status, gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, or LGBTQ+ status. Simply put — we will not tolerate bigotry.

We have many resources on campus. If you feel you are a target or victim of harassment or intimidation, please report it to my office immediately. You can easily reach us at 734-9522 or kapvcasa@hawaii.edu, or simply visit us in ‘Ilima 205. If you are experiencing difficulty coping, we have an amazing team that is here to support you. You may contact them at 734-9450. For off campus support, you may contact the crisis line at 832-3100, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

As the end of the term approaches, let’s focus on how we can come together as a community that embraces diversity. I welcome any comments, questions, concerns, ideas, feedback that you may have. As we move forward, let us renew our commitment as an institution that values each other for all that we bring to it.

Dr. B

Brenda Ivelisse, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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