Most college students already find Starbucks magical with its great range of caffeine, free wifi, and cozy study locations. However, as of Wednesday, April 19, until Sunday, April 23, Starbucks will be upping the ante with their newest promotion, the Unicorn Frappucino.

The (hardly) nutritional facts of the drink itself can be found on the official Starbucks website. But in terms of decoding this mythical drink, its ingredients are as follows: ice, milk, crème frappucino syrup, whip cream, mango syrup, blue drizzle, pink powder, and sour blue powder.

For rainbow-loving vegans who would like to get in on the fun, simply omit the whip cream and blue drizzle– which contains condensed skim milk– and request it with either almond, coconut, or soy milk. Voilà.

While waiting in line to order my frappè, I noticed two little kids bounding near the take-out area when their names were called for the grande Unicorn frappè. Upon further inspection, nearly 2/3 of the people at Starbucks of all ages were drinking the same bright pink liquid out of their cups as well. When it was my turn the barista who served me championed a customer service smile when I told him that I wanted what the previous kids ordered.

As someone who works in the food business, I could empathize with the monotony of recreating a popular food item. So when I asked him how his night was going, I caught the weariness in his voice when he told me that he probably made upwards of 200 Unicorn frappès throughout the course of his shift. . . I’ve never felt more compelled to tip an employee than I did in that moment.

After expressing my gratitude for his endurance, I finally took a sip of the drink that has garnered attention throughout social media throughout the past two days. The creaminess and hit me first and it felt like drinking strawberry milkshake. Knowing that the drink is supposed to change colors as well as flavors, I stirred the drink and prepared myself for the next awaiting taste.

As the drink changed from pink to purple I took another sip and was met with a strong, concentrated mango taste. The commingling flavors started to present itself as something that was akin to my childhood. I tried to attach familiar flavors with this sour and tarty taste: tropical Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Fruity Pebbles, blue Skittles.

Once I finished the drink I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself, a legal adult, to enjoy all that was thought to be bad for me as a kid in a single cup. If the magic of the Unicorn frappè lies in the conjuring of childhood memories (or inducing a major caffeine-sugar high), then I think that this passing fancy may be worth your time and Instagram post.