By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer 

This February, Student Congress passed a resolution to install two electronic device charging stations on campus. The charging stations will be centrally located in both the Lama Library and the first floor of the ʻIliahi building, otherwise known as the Kamōkila floor. The charging stations are expected to be installed sometime this calendar year.

The idea for the installation of charging stations was borne out of conversations with students at Board of Student Activities (BOSA) Snack and Chat events. Tasi Yanger, current president of KCC’s Student Congress, furthered the conversation by authoring a resolution for the stations to be installed on campus. Citing widespread support from eligible voting members in Student Congress, Yanger was able to see the resolution pass decisively when it came to a vote.

According to Yanger, “people have asked me all the time for charging stations,” and since students use their phone for everything from the bus app to the KCC app and even social media, the charge stations were deemed a practical necessity.

As Yanger noted, many other college campuses already have charging stations that are quite popular with students.

One obstacle faced by Student Congress was the decision on which manufacturer to choose for the charging stations. Eventually, the decision came down to what was both affordable and appropriate for campus.

Each charging station will cost approximately $4,995.

The ʻŌhiʻa cafeteria was once considered as a location for one charging device. However, due to foot traffic from the general public during the weekly farmers’ market, considerations on the integrity of the charging devices — from a wear and tear standpoint — and associated safety concerns were brought to light.

Each of the two charging stations manufactured by the company goCharge will feature eight “universally compatible phone lockers” and two tablet lockers. The lockers allow a student to charge the device in privacy and peace of mind since a customized four-digit code will be used to access the locker once charging is complete.

Additionally, each charging station will feature some type of emblem denoting that Student Congress was ultimately able to spearhead the implementation of the stations on campus.

For Yanger, that visual representation will serve as a “stamp showing that we’re here, and that we exist (on campus).”