By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer

While summer offers some much needed relief for post-final exam week, KCC students should look ahead toward events that are happening in tandem with summer break.

Besides worrying about when semester grades will be released – which the KCC’s 2017 Academic Calendar states that grades are due online by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16 – students should also keep an eye out for the following 2017 terms, Summer and Fall, and  the important dates and information that come with it.

For those who have registered for KCC summer classes, registration for classes is split for both 1st  and 2nd 6-week sessions – the 1st session running from May 22-June 30 while the 2nd session runs from July 3-August 11. In between those sessions, there are three holidays that will permit a n0-school day and are as follows:

May 29: Memorial Day
June 12: Kamehameha Day
July 4: Independence Day

For the Fall 2017 semester of KCC, registration started April 10 for currently enrolled/returning students, while the payment deadline is by Friday, July 21, by 4 p.m. However, registration will be open until the day before the first day of instruction, which is Monday, August 21. This day will be the last day for students to register online without the $30 late registration fee penalty.

In terms of tuition for the Fall 2017, student tuition per credit hour is as follows for the following students: $126 for residents, $189 for non-resident Pacific Islanders, and $340 for non-residents. Students must also pay a $20 student activity fee that is charge toward students who are taking more than 10 credit hours, as well as a $10 publication fee (that helps to pay for Kapiʻo News).

If you would like to plan ahead for finals in Fall 2017, the last day of instruction is set on Dec. 7, while final exam week is between Dec. 8-14 (depending on your particular class schedule).

For more information on the 2017 Summer school session schedule, visit KCC’s academic calendar here. To learn more about student tuition for the following 2017-2018 school year, check KCC’s Tuition and Fees webpage.