As of this February, Wing Ice Cream Parlor (located on Maunakea Street in Chinatown)  has been serving unique and delicious frozen treats for the past four years. Miller Royer is the genius behind Wing and creates all of his home-made ice cream with careful and satirical thought. Stocked with his ever-changing ice cream menu, shave ice, and lihing mui ice cakes, Royer surely delivers to those who chance his hole-in-the-wall shop.

While Wing does offer other cool treats besides ice cream (around $4.25 for singles and $6.75 for doubles) like shave ice ($2) and lihing ice cakes ($.50), these options are only secondary to the real reason why you should visit Wing. The wacky yet wonderful flavors offered at Wing are unlike anywhere else. For those who are dairy-free, there are always a handful of options on-hand that are coconut milk based and are clearly labeled on the menu accompanied with an asterisk sign.

Sourcing most of his ingredients from friends who farm a number of fruits and vegetables, Royer provides the most inventive combinations such as Jaboticaba “Sangria” Sorbet, Cardamom Yuzu, and Kāne’ohe Vanilla Bean.

On the other end of the spectrum, Royer has brought to the table some completely outrageous and unheard of flavors paired with whimsical names. Flavors such as Rosemary’s Baby, Cheezus, and even Sour Cream & Onion have once graced the chest refrigerator of Wing. At one of the tables in Wing, there is even an ice cream flavor wish-list that customers are free to write on. Sometimes Royer even indulges these crazy suggestions.

Wing Ice Cream has a wish list for customers to write their wackiest flavor ideas. (Photo by Kayla Valera)

However, it’s worth noting that one shouldn’t get too attached to a particular flavor since the menu at Wing continuously rotates depending on ice cream availability. This is with the exception of staple flavors that return often such as Coco Monkey and Tea ’n’ Cookies. The best way to check what’s new is either through the official Wing Ice Cream Instagram page, which is consistent in updating the latest flavor concoctions, or by actually stopping by and checking the menu “Flavor Bored” at the back of the store.

When you first walk past Wing, it’s easy to overlook it given its humble exterior–the hanging store sign with its flying ice cream is the only indication of its occupation. Though once you enter the tiny shop that sits between M. P. Lei Shop and Ding Hong Tong Chinese Herbal, the atmospheric change from a Chinatown side street to the cozy interior of Wing is quite dramatic.

Keeping in mind that the shop can easily get crowded, it might not be wise to bring a group of friends to eat there depending on how busy it is. If the store happens to have some room for extra bodies, customers can either sit on a stool along the table connected to the far right wall, or they can help themselves to the bright pink, plastic love seat on the left.

Since Wing is its own independent shop on the island, it’s safe to say that there’s nowhere like it on the island. If you happen to be in Chinatown (and are lucky enough to find street parking), give Wing a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Its hours of operation are from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday-Thursday, from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.  on Friday-Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Wing Ice Cream can be found at 1145 Maunakea St. at the corner of Pauahi Street.