By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer

This week, as finals are quickly approaching, it’s important for students to use their time as resourcefully as possible. Time management can make or break the amount of studying students have for last minute projects and tests. Below are some helpful tips students can utilize to make the most of their time as finals approach.

1. Limit time on social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat can waste a lot of time that could be used for studying. The easiest way to avoid using these apps during finals is to delete them. An alternative to deleting the apps could also be putting parental blocks that limit the amount of time students have to access social media. Students that are in finals can limit their time on specific days of the week so that their study time is not wasted scrolling through social media. Apps that can provide social media blocks are called “OurPact” or “Freedom.” Both are free and can be downloaded on a phone or tablet.

2. Put away Netflix

Netflix can be really tempting when students are looking for a study break. One episode can easily turn into a marathon and end up wasting hours of study time. Instead of finishing that one last episode of “Stranger Things” or starting a brand new Netflix series, put away the temptation and save the shows for Christmas break.

3. Find a productive study space

Depending on what environmental setting each student prefers to study in, this can look different for everyone. What is important is that students are able to find a space where they are able to study without getting distracted or interrupted. KCC has provided valuable study spaces for students like Lama library or ʻIliahi building by Subway. These spaces offer wifi, and the second floor of Lama library is a quiet zone for students that need silence to concentrate. If students are unable to study at KCC, it is crucial for them to have a place at home or somewhere else in the community where they can have a productive place to study for finals.

4. Organize notes

Students that organize their notes can save a lot of time when it’s time to write exams. By going through the notes that have piled up all semester, students will find the material they need much faster if it is already organized. An easy way to do this is to buy folders to separate each class, hole punch handouts and buy dividers for binders. All of the materials that make organization much easier can be bought at the KCC bookstore, Walmart or any other school supply shop.

5. Don’t procrastinate

This is the time of year where projects and tests can easily pile up. The best way for students to save themselves a lot of stress is to tackle projects before the due date is only a day away. Taking care of final semester projects, tests and quizzes can free up a lot of time to prepare for finals. The sooner students get that work out of the way, the more free time they will have to study for final exams.

6. Take short breaks

Taking short 10- to 20-minute breaks can help break up long study sessions. Taking time to break and make a snack or hydrate can help re-energize students to keep studying and push forward. Keeping the breaks short is important so that students don’t lose momentum while they’re studying.