By Chaz Au, Contributing Writer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you have no idea where you want to take your date. You’re also trying not to spend all the money you worked so hard to save up on one night.  However, you want to actually impress your date, and not send them running for the hills. Here are 10 affordable Valentine’s Day ideas you could use to create a memorable date for your significant other.

1. Ice Palace
Located in Hālawa across from Aloha Stadium, admission into ice palace is $10.75, which includes skate rentals. This will allow hand holding while ice skating and being cozy next to each other on a cold ice rink. Just try not to fall and pull each other down.

2. Sunset Picnic
Make food at home beforehand for the date, and surprise him or her with a picnic at sunset.  All you have to do is find place where you can lay a blanket down, then sit and eat.

3. Fro-yo Date
You can never go wrong with fro-yo right. There are fro-yo locations in every part of the island so you wouldn’t have to travel far, and usually ranges from $3-$5 per person.

4. Movie Date
This idea is very stereotypical, but Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. Why is that significant? Movies on Tuesdays are only $6 per person at Ward. I’d suggest taking the date to one of the nicer theaters in Kapolei or Ward.

5. Bowling
Bowling at Pali Lanes only costs $5 per person, per game. They also have karaoke for an extra $1 per song. Both of you could invite other couples and compete against them, bringing you two closer together. Pali Lanes is also open until midnight, which is perfect for a late night date.

6. Stroll Waikīkī
Walking and holding hands through Waikīkī would be considered romantic for someone you’re just meeting, or for somebody you have been dating for an extended period of time. There are many activities to consider during the stroll, such as sitting on the beach, or window shopping throughout all the stores. Make sure she has a jacket just in case she gets cold.

7. Bishop Museum
Bishop Museum is only $15 entry per person when you present a college ID at entrance. Tour the museum and get a lesson in the history of Hawai’i and see artifacts of the most prestigious people in Hawaiian history. Also included is the Hawai’i sports hall of fame.

8. Game Night
This date is free of charge, and gives you the same amount of joy as a date that costs money.  Wipe the dust off your old PlayStation or X-box and throw down on some competitive games.  Restaurants and movies can be hours’ worth of waiting, and staying at home for game night eliminates the stress of navigating to a public location.

9. Use your coupons
Remember those old gift cards you have had for almost a year? Put them to use on Valentine’s Day to have a cheap night out at a restaurant. All the joy of going out on Valentine’s Day, but at a much cheaper price.

10. Take a scenic drive
Pack up the car with blankets and take a drive to a beautiful scenic spot. The Mount Tantalus lookout comes with a beautiful view of Honolulu, but does not come with a price tag. Once again, bring a jacket for her because it will be cold at night.