By Katlin Cilliers| Staff Writer

If you were elected president of the KCC’s Student Congress, what would you do to improve our campus?

Shafkat Samin Anowar
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Age: 21
Major: Business

“Bus Pass for sure. The vending machines, here they’re cash only. If they had cards, because at UH they have some vending machine with cards. So I’d make sure they take cards.”

Isa Curb
Hometown: Honolulu
Age: 19
Major: Social Work

“I’d probably make more … they probably do that, but I’d make programs and stuff for students to volunteer their time in fields of their choosing, so that they get hands-on experience and then the places that really need help gets, you know, some extra hands.”


Antonio Ledesma
Hometown: Honolulu
Age: 19
Major: Sociology

“Oh, man. I don’t know, what do they have power to do? I guess things for students … I mean, a lot of it is pretty good. Some of the things just need to be improved, like bathrooms. Overall we’re doing pretty good I guess, so it would be something like fixing the bathrooms.”

Will Post
Hometown: Hingham, MA
Age: 25
Major: Computer Science

“I would make … find a way to make more ice coffee, a massive amount of coffee, easily accessible. There’s not enough coffee options. That’s it.”


Eileen Tojo
Hometown: Honolulu
Age: 40
Major: Liberal Arts

“I would say like, a practical, more interactive … I guess more like a exchanging things, more like a garage sale kind? Yeah, so like, at the beginning of the semester, and the end of the semester so that people can sell books or … and then through that, not just to buy things, but you meet people, right? And at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester it’s like, the best time to meet people, you know? So, something like that, I think.”