By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

During the Student Congress general meeting that was held on February 26, President Ismael Salameh announced that a strong majority of students voted in favor of having a mandatory semesterly $40 UPass fee go into effect for two academic school years beginning in Fall 2019.

According to Salameh, only 1,046 students voted out of the 6,679 students who are enrolled at KCC, resulting in 1,019 who were in favor and 27 who were against it. The official UPass fee survey was sent out via email on February 5 and open until February 16. Four open forums were organized by Student Congress during this timeframe to provide students with more information, to which Salameh stated that all students who attended showed support for the fee.

Recognizing that some students are taking classes part-time, online only, or claim a college other than KCC as their home campus, Student Congress is still working to determine who at KCC should have to pay for this UPass fee.

In the meantime, Student Congress is working to develop a written proposal that will need to be reviewed by Vice President for Community Colleges John Morton, Vice President for UH Academic Planning and Policy Donald Straney, President Michelle Tagorda of the Board of Regents (BOR) Academic and Student Affairs Committee, and the BOR itself.

Once approved, the $40 UPass fee will be made effective for KCC from Fall 2019 to Fall 2021. After Fall 2021, Student Congress and the BOR will review how successful the fee was and will then determine if it should continue.

Students with any questions, concerns, or need more information may visit Student Congress in ʻIliahi 129 or contact or call (808) 734-9580.