Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer

Laʻamea Paleka and Keonaona Chun-Pesckia both performed one of the first authentic Hawaiian stories that they are taught in HAW 102 at the International Literature event at KCC. Both girls read aloud a story that incorporated the International Festival’s theme of Infinity, and at the end Pakela performed a short song in Hawaiian with the ukulele.

Pakela, 21, is in her second semester at KCC with plans to major in Hawaiian Studies. She is originally from Oʻahu, in the Makiki area. Chun-Pesckia, 19, from Waimānalo is graduating this May with her Liberal Arts degree and has plans to go into Medical Assisting. Both are currently enrolled in Hawaiian language at KCC with Professor ʻIwalani Koide.

“This is the first piece of literature they [students] get written in the native language of Hawaiʻi by a native Hawaiian speaker,” Koide said. “Up until 102, they actually get English translated into Hawaiian, so this is the first authentic piece that they are introduced to.”

The stories presented at the International Literature event surrounded the theme of Infinity. Students from KCC’s language classes performed storytelling, songs, interactive presentations and reciting poetry. The languages represented were: Hawaiian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Spanish.

(Photo by Sarah Hendrix)

Students in JPNS 102 performed an interactive storytelling of a traditional Shinto wedding. (Photo by Sarah Hendrix)

Students currently enrolled in JPNS 102 gave an interactive presentation of a traditional Shinto wedding, Kekkonshiki. Archer Yamaki performed with three other students using illustrations and translations that were shown through a slideshow, while students recited a reading in Japanese.

“Kekkonshiki ties very well with the theme infinity,” Yamaki said. “Because as you know marriage is the goal of being with your special someone for infinity.”

Stories and literature from languages around the world continued to incorporate the theme of Infinity at this year’s International Literature reading.

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