By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

First-year KCC student Iroha Mochida participated in the International Parade of Cultures during the 30th Annual International Festival on March 19. From Kagoshima, Japan, it was Mochida’s first time being a part of the parade which was led by Sango, a drummer.

“I wish more people could join us because this parade should be representing the diversity, so that was really fun,” Mochida said.

Coordinated by international student and leader of the International Promotional Team (IPT) Yubo Zhou, students of KCC’s and IPT marched with Sango around the Great Lawn, ʻIlima building, and stopped by the ʻŌhia Cafeteria to entertain those on campus with sounds of African-Cuban music and chants.

About 70 international students participated in the parade while representing the cultures of Africa, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Hawaiʻi. Students from Gifu University and the University of Miyazaki from Japan were also present to be a part of the event.

A few of the international students who were in the parade were dressed in the traditional clothing of the cultures that they represented. The vibrant colors of kimonos (Japanese garment), áo dài (Vietnamese clothing), and dashiki (African garment) visually brought the parade to life.

It is a tradition for the International Cafe and IPT to hold this event annually during International Festival and is looking forward to hosting it again next year. Mochida, who will still be attending KCC next year, is hoping to see more students participate along with more traditional clothing worn.

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