By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer

Spring break is finally here, after what seems to be the longest two and a half months I’ve had in a long time. While thinking of how to make the most of the days away from school, I wanted to steer clear of the typical binge-on-Netflix-and-catch-up-on-my-sleep impulse, simply because it is spring. In Hawaiʻi. Here are a few alternatives to skip Netflix and get outdoors during this well-deserved time off.

Get an (authentic) Açaí bowl

Authentic Brazilian Açaí can be found just outside the hustle and bustle of Waikīkī. (Photo by Katlin Cilliers)

Forget about the food trucks by Sandy’s beach or Diamond Head area. Açaí from those do not taste like what real Brazilian Açaí is supposed to. I was lucky enough to have a co-worker introduce me to Tropical Tribe, a Brazilian shop, hidden just outside Waikīkī, near the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The place is owned and managed by Brazilians who import the original delicacy straight from Amazon-land. Once there, order the Tropical Tribe bowl, which is the authentic Açaí, served Brazilian-style. The earthy, fruity flavors will blow your mind – and take your spring break to the next level.

Feeling frisky? Explore the island on a moped

If you have a couple $20s to spare, you may want to explore the island on a rented moped with a buddy. I’m not thinking of the usual single-seater ones. I’m talking the flashy, red or fluorescent green scoot coupes. They come with a flag, for a full-blown tourist experience. Enjoying a day around the streets of Waikīkī and exploring the back roads of Diamond Head will never be this much fun. Find out more here.

Finding the trail’s entrance through bamboo passageways and ruins pays off at the sight of Lulumahu Falls. (Photo by Katlin Cilliers)

Go through the ruins and onto Lulumahu Falls

Travel back in time through bamboo passages and the Kaniakapupu Ruins of King Kamehameha III’s summer house to find your way to Lulumahu Falls, up the Pali Highway. The hike is quite gentle, once you’re in it, and includes lots of different scenarios (going over an old cement bridge passageway and through shallow streams of water), all among lots of green in a delightful way to recharge our worn-out batteries from so much school and city life. The end of the trail meets you with spectacular waterfall views and cold waters to freshen up before heading back.

Break out of a room with friends

For those who are tired of their same old hangout spots, escape rooms are the perfect call. These places require gathering a group’s skills and talents to break out of a mystery room in the span of 60 minutes. To break out of the room, you must find clues, solve puzzles and crack the case before it’s too late. Escape experiences are great for larger groups (as prices are fixed, though a bigger group can cut down on cost per individual). Room With A Clue and Breakout Waikīkī are the two biggest escape rooms on the island.

Find a restaurant deal

Instead of cooking for days on end or spending lots on meals during break, consider browsing discount sites for restaurant deals. Coupon websites have a variety of restaurants with affordable prices, from Cajun to Persian cuisine. A fun alternative to go out with family and friends without paying through your teeth for the experience.