By Nicole Fernandez | Staff Writer

With summer break at the doorstep, the search for a temporary gig will increase as students hope to fill up their bank accounts or to just pass the hot days. There’s nothing wrong with preferring to relax all summer, but making some extra money is always a good idea to prepare for the upcoming semester; depending on the job, it can also spruce up a resume. Here are 10 jobs and opportunities for college students during summer break.


Lifeguarding can be high-pressure since a pool or beach is a staple destination over summer for most. There’s always potential for trouble, and water-related emergencies skyrocket during summer break. On the other hand, it can also be laidback and, mosre importantly, can pay well. Lifeguards at the YMCA of Honolulu can start at $11 an hour.

Summer fun leader

Summer fun leaders are basically teachers that don’t actually teach anything. They facilitate fun while parents are at work. Typically they make over $12 an hour, which can add up quickly when working five days a week. One of biggest attractions for this job is that leaders don’t need prior experience, just a few weeks in a training program. Be prepared for a full-time job, though. The City and County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation has a website where those interested can apply online, or just find a public park advertising a summer fun program and ask to speak with the director.

Camp Counselor

Similar to a summer fun leader, camp counselors work with children, planning and overseeing activities. The difference is that camp can range from only one day to week or more, and usually the kids are sleeping over. Because of the large responsibility, counselors make more than regular part-time jobs.

Humane Society volunteer

The Humane Society is a biggie for anyone looking to do volunteer work, either out of the good of their heart or just for volunteer hours. The foundation is always looking for volunteers to help out in a variety of ways with the animals. There is no pay, but it’s a rewarding job and not that hard to commit to. Plus, volunteers get to handle animals of all kind and even receive discounts on adoption fees.


Interning in the career field that a student is interested in is always a great way to spend the summer. Experience and connections are just two of the multiple benefits of taking an internship. However, not all are paid so check to see because many times an internship can be extremely demanding and not always worth zero money.


While students of all ages are off, the adults still have to work. Babysitting can earn a person big bucks, and its demands are different than a summer fun leader or camp counselor who has to watch over a bunch of kids. Depending on the situation of the parents it can take up a whole day or just a few hours, but it still entails spending plenty of personal time with a child(ren), so it’s only recommended those who like, or at least tolerate, kids become a babysitter. Craigslist and Facebook both have many ads from families looking for a babysitter (watch out for weirdos), but a good place to start would be with those closest who have young ones of their own.


Despite summer break normally being utilized to step away from education, tutoring others can lead to a fat wallet. There’s no requirement to have a special license or be ridiculously knowledgeable in a certain subject, though that would provide an advantage over other tutors, and tutors can set their own schedule. It can also allow students to refresh on a subject before the next semester begins. 


Retail has a bad reputation, but it’s not terrible to receive minimum wage and whatever in-store deals are available for employees. Victoria’s Secret is a popular brand for young women seeking part-time, with salary discussed when hired. Other clothing stores that famously hire younger workers are Ross, Hollister, and Forever21.


Drivers hired through apps has become a thriving industry thanks to Uber and Lyft. Drive enough and the pay can stack up to several hundreds each week. Drivers have to be 21 years or older, which is bad news for younger college students, but it’s easy enough to apply with the right car and papers. Alongside the payment from the company, which is $25/hour at Uber and $35/hour at Lyft, drivers can receive tips from their passengers, too. An important tip to remember is to make sure to stay safe; it’s a simple job, but everyone has heard the horror stories of passengers harassing their driver.


People tend to travel during breaks, especially over summer when they can prolong the vacation for months instead of just days or weeks. In doing so, they leave behind their homes and most of their belongings. Housesitting is one of the easiest job there are: just make sure to lock up and stay tidy when inside another person’s house. Usually, the housesitter chooses the rate, making anywhere from $25 and up a day. Like babysitting, look online or just ask friends and family.