By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Take a break from cramming for finals and learn something new before the break begins with SURF, Kapi’olani Community College’s Student Undergraduate Research Program. 

This year, SURF will feature 101 presentations, 105 student researchers, 79 volunteers, and 19 research faculty. The activities will be held virtually over the course of three days beginning Tuesday. The event is a way for students to share their research experience with others while also learning about topics they may not have known before. SURF is also an opportunity for students to discover scholarships, internships, and courses that are available to them.

In order to participate in the SURF conference, all participants must have access to the guide and program which can be found on the SURF website. The guide contains information about signing in to each virtual session and how to actively participate. Observers are encouraged to ask presenters questions about their research to enhance learning experiences and a list of general questions to ask is provided on the SURF guide. 

For those who are unable to attend the session they are interested in, there will be a 1-5 minute pre-recorded video presentation. A phone line is also provided for those that would like to listen in on the live presentation. 

The SURF program has a detailed itinerary of all the activities for each day and provides links to join all Google Meet presentations. In addition to meeting links and joining by phone, there are also posters for each presentation. All the information that students have researched is compiled and added as a downloadable file for viewers to read.

The SURF conference is available to non-UH students and faculty, as well as those who do not have a Google account. Also, viewers are not allowed to use any type of video or audio recording to save the live presentation, as that would go against student privacy and FERPA guidelines.

For more information about the SURF conference and additional opportunities, please visit their website.