By Kaithlyn Villanueva | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What is one song that can brighten your day and why?

‘Chloe Joan Villorene 
Age: 19
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Major: Liberal Arts

 “Niki, ‘Every Summertime.’ I don’t know. It’s just like the vibe  is so good, you know when I’m just walking around the campus, it’s just like chill.” 


 Jenifer Carlos De La Garza
Age: 21
Hometown: Monclova, Mexico
Major: Hospitality and Tourism

 “Borns, ‘Electric Love.’ I just like the vibe. It puts me in a mood to go dance.” 


 Timothy Lum
Age: 33
Hometown: Kanehoe, Hawaiʻi
Major: Computer Science

“Electric Light Orchestra, ‘Mr. Blue Sky.’ Just because it sounds so perfect. It’s such a happy sound. If you hear it, there’s like no way you can’t just be happy and feel like you want to dance.”


Momoko Ishihara
Age: 20
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan
Major: Liberal Arts

 “Little Mix, ‘Power.’ One time I listened to this song on the TV, and I instantly felt the energy from this song. It helped me practice English.”

Kotori Yoshida
Age: 20
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major: Hospitality

 “Twice, ‘Cheer up.’ I usually listen to it when I take the bus because it gives me energy and it’s the best song to start the day.”