Being a student at KCC has many benefits that not everyone knows. As more people return to campus for the fall semester, be sure to take advantage of what’s readily available. (Photo by Cameron Enomoto)

By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

In the two years that I’ve spent at KCC, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the services and resources available on campus. As a Kapiʻo News staff writer, and more recently, a Kapoʻoloku and Kūlia ma Kapiʻolani peer mentor, here are some things I wish I had known about KCC when I first started in August 2021.

Places to Study: KCC has fantastic places to study that are much more peaceful than any bookstore or coffee shop. As a student who took all online asynchronous classes for 2 semesters, I had no idea that some of these places existed. My favorite place to study is ʻŌhia Cafeteria. In the morning, there are usually only a few students inside, and the seats by the windows are open. The view allows you to see part of Diamond Head, all of Maunalua Bay, and out to Koko Crater. Another great place to study is the second floor of Lama Library. There are small cubicles where students can sit quietly in the AC and get their homework done or study for tests. I like studying here because there are rarely any distractions, which makes it easier to get work done.

Peer Mentors: Of the many resources KCC has available, having peer mentors for the FYE (first-year experience) program, Kapoʻoloku and Kūlia ma Kapiʻolani (programs for Native Hawaiian student success and students in CTE) was something I wish I took advantage of as an incoming student. Peer mentors with FYE can assist students with registering for classes and getting settled in for the semester. Kapoʻoloku and Kūlia ma Kapiʻolani are programs for Native Hawaiian students that can assist with tuition waivers, career planning, and reimbursements for certain course materials. As a peer mentor for Kapoʻoloku and Kūlia ma Kapiʻolani, I hope that more students take advantage of what we have to offer so that they are able to make the most of their college experience.

Discounts and Student Life: Some of the perks of being a KCC student include having on-campus access to the pool table and a Nintendo Switch, as well as discounted movie tickets from the Office of Student Life and free seeds in the library. Students are able to use the pool table and the Nintendo Switch to play with their friends in the Kamōkila Student Center in ‘Iliahi as long as they have a student ID. The student center is also where you can purchase discounted movie tickets for $9.50 at Consolidated Theaters and $8.50 at Regal Theaters, though the movie has to have been in theaters for at least two weeks. If you’re not in a rush to see a movie, saving money on tickets couldn’t hurt.

The free seeds in the library are located near the computers on the first floor, and they can change frequently so be sure to check back often if you’re trying to work on your green thumb. I picked up some green onion seeds and now I’m able to cut a few every time I make saimin or fried rice at home.

Bulletin Boards: When I first came to campus, I noticed the bulletin boards around buildings and high-frequented areas. These boards post notices about various campus events coming up, part-time jobs, and even internship opportunities. There are also intramural sports teams that students can sign up for, though the season starts a couple weeks after the beginning of the semester. Notices about sign-ups are usually posted on the bulletin boards or sent out in school emails. Now that I’m on campus more often, I’ve made a habit of checking the boards so that I’m in the loop and don’t miss out on any interesting opportunities.

Library Services: In addition to having great places to study, Lama Library offers students printing, rental, and tutoring services. Not to mention, the resources available online (EBSCO Host) are amazing when it comes to writing research papers and finding credible sources. Printing in black and white costs 10 cents per page and 50 cents for color. I know most students, like myself, don’t have a printer at home so this is a great service to utilize. However, be sure to have your KCC ID and cash on you since that’s the only form of payment accepted. Like most libraries, Lama Library allows students to borrow books, textbooks, laptops, hotspots, and even rent movies. Last but not least, one of the most helpful resources provided by the library is the tutors. On the second floor of the library, students can make use of the free tutoring services in the Study Hub for writing, math, technology assistance and more. Tutoring is available by appointment only and students can sign up through the KCC Study Hub website.