Lama Library has all the resources a student could want when it comes to studying. (Photo by Mathew Pascua)

By Mathew Pascua | Staff Writer

More than four weeks into the semester, heavy loads of homework are already piling up in our agendas, and our body and our mind are all over the place. But a good study spot can make all the difference in the world.

Check out this short list about our top choice spots to aim for that 4.0 GPA. 

Lama Library
This is the most common place where students get their work done. It is a great place, with access to both the first and second floor, and Lama Library is furnished with all the resources you need. There are endless tables both for individual and group use with charging outlets. There is a large amount of desktops that students can freely use. Also, if you are in need of printing documents, you can now upload documents to the printers through your electronic devices. There are a wide variety of books available on the second floor. Here, you will get a lot of work done. Just keep the volume down, and remember, no food is allowed and only covered drinks are permitted.

ʻŌhiʻa Cafeteria
Now, you might be asking yourself, how can I do work in a loud cafeteria? Fun fact: this might be the most quiet cafeteria you have ever been in. The fully air conditioned space will definitely save you from the Hawai‘i heat for a bit while getting your work done comfortably.

This space comes with a large amount of tables, both for individual and group use with charging outlets as well. And what better way to recharge your energy by having a quick lunch, quick note, there is no available food for purchase in the cafeteria, but there are many great small businesses around the area, including the $5 bento truck on campus. 

The Great Lawn
Many might get tired of staying in an indoor space for countless hours. (That is me every day.) That is why the tents located on the Great Lawn are a perfect spot to get some fresh air while continuing doing your work, and don’t worry, the wifi reaches there perfectly fine. Also, if you are working with that loud group of friends and don’t want to interrupt others in the library, locate yourself here.

Olapa Building
This building is a little bit far, standing at the Lama Library, make a right and follow the path, and you will be able to locate the building. Head down the stairs and you will be able to find a good amount of tables to study, and you will also reach your daily recommended steps.

It is a pretty quiet space, so you will not be bothered and get the work done. The sun will also not be an issue as the tables come with umbrellas.

The Bookstore
I get it, we all need that short water or coffee break after a long study session, and where else would you go when it is right on campus? Head down over the stairs by ʻŌhiʻa Cafeteria, and you will be greeted by a generous amount of study tables where you can relax and get some work done. And if you are in need of a break, the bookstore has a coffee bar, they offer a fair amount of drinks, snacks, and even cup noodles.. It can’t get any more convenient.

Side tables next to the Great Lawn
These tables are a pretty popular pick among the students that come on campus, and we had to add it to the list. These tables are perfectly located right at the center of campus.

There are only a couple tables available, but they are well separated from each other to give students a little more space and privacy. Also, the sun shouldn’t be a problem either as the nearby trees provide plenty of shade.