Author: Chris Takahashi

Dalton Smith

Dalton Smith was born in New Orleans and moved to O’ahu before starting high school. The first-year KCC student (undeclared Liberal Arts) was encouraged to pursue a college degree by his family and work colleagues. Though he has not declared a specialization just yet, he particularly enjoyed the world history class he took this past fall semester. Dalton has been taking a wide breadth of courses—ranging from math to english—that will help him channel his interests to a specific major at KCC and beyond. He’d like to eventually transfer to UH Manoa after receiving his associate’s degree from KCC.

After school-related responsibilities are met, you’ll likely find Dalton in the ocean surfing, hanging out with friends, or hiking many of the trails that O’ahu has to offer.

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Corie Kuia

Corie Kuia graduated from Kalani High School where she played both basketball and volleyball. Now taking classes at KCC, she hopes to continue her studies in the field of kinesiology at UH Manoa and eventually work in athletic training. Corie decided she wanted to pursue this career track because it combines her passion for sports and helping those with sporting-related injuries. This upcoming summer, Corie will be working at the Summer Fun camp that is being held at Paki park. In her free time, you’ll find her playing pickup basketball or hanging with friends.

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Voices & Views

  • Kathleen SamoyKathleen Samoy
    19-year-old Kathleen Samoy is a first-year KCC student majoring in hospitality and tourism. Originally from the Philippines, Samoy said she initially had dreams of becoming a teacher or flight attendant. It was when she chose to be in a hospitality academy at Waipahu High School that she decided she would pursue a career in the hotel industry. "I would say that my personality would really fit me into that kind of job or work environment because it's mostly, like, customer service and meeting a lot of people from different countries and also interacting with them," Samoy said. Having been on Oʻahu for about nine years, Samoy's decision to enroll in KCC was based on the positive perspectives she heard from students already studying in hospitality and tourism. Samoy said that she appreciates the views on campus along with how welcomed others made her feel.  When it comes to meeting new people, Samoy said that it's the Board of Student Activities' (BOSA) Ice Cream Socials that she enjoys most. She hopes to become involved with the organization or with Bayanihan Club, also known as the Filipino Club.