Author: Kayla Valera

Christopher Brooks

Christopher Brooks is a second year student at KCC from Hawai‘i Kai. He plans to get his B.A. and then transfer to an aviation school in either Arizona or Nevada. On his 15th birthday he flew a plane for the first time (before he first drove a car) through the Moore Air Flight instruction school. His interest with flying started as far back as when he’d watch planes go by in the designated telephone section of the Honolulu airport, which he described as “enthralling.”

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  • Ali PetrucciAli Petrucci
    Ali Petrucci is currently in her second semester at KCC and is majoring in biology so that she can eventually go into medical school.  Ali is originally from Bogota, the capitol of Colombia, but she moved to Hawaiʻi because her husband is in the military and was stationed on Oʻahu. Ali loves the people and culture of Hawaiʻi and often rides her bike to experience everything the island has to offer. "I'm also trying to learn how to play the ‘ukulele right now, so I'm spending a bit of time on that," says Ali. "Other than that, I'm just going to school."