New KCC club Planned Parenthood Generation Action is supported by the nationwide organization, Planned Parenthood. The club is notified by the Hawaiʻi chapter of Planned Parenthood of any events that it  partakes in, but otherwise plans to be more effective to KCC’s student body by raising awareness to reproductive rights as well as general sex health issues.

Augustine Luc is the president of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action and has founded it just last semester. Luc has been advocating for women’s reproductive rights through Planned Parenthood since high school here in Oʻahu, where she got involved with this program and even continued to support this organization once she made the transition to college. Luc is in her first-year here at KCC and is learning under the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program.

With the help of the club faculty advisor, Joy Oehlers, Luc hopes to get more students interested in the club, either as potential club members or as idea contributors for any future club events.

“We need a larger capacity for the club,” Oehlers said. “We want to reach out to students because with more people, we can do more social things.”

So far the club has had a few students who have expressed interest in joining. In the meantime the club, mostly consisting of Luc and Oehlers, sets up tables at school events to inform students on what the club has to offer while also asking them what they’d like to see from the club. Its last event was at the Lama Library’s International Game week where they gave out free pens or shirts to students while also explaining to them what this club is about.

Oehlers explained that despite the misconception that Planned Parenthood is only about administrating abortions and going against pro-life rights, students should know that the organization has many beneficial attributes for both men and women.

Wanting to educate students on various health assessment options, the club is capable of referring students to different types of affordable treatments, STD testing, mammograms, as well as contraceptives.

If you are interested in joining the Planned Parenthood Generation Action club or would like to offer the club some suggestions, email the president, Augustine Luc, at