By Kapi‘o News Staff

Word on the Street: What is your new year’s resolution?

Katlin Cilliers  

“I want to be more careful about my diet and eat less junk food. I also hope to exercise a few times a week and to make sure I stay motivated, I’ll register for a couple fun runs through the year.”

Nikki Fernandez 

I plan to exercise more consistently, but not at the gym. I’m a swimmer so I’ll probably be going to the beach or a public pool to swim laps, hopefully at least once a week. I’m also going to try to save up to get Lasik eye surgery. It’s over $2000 per eye, so if I start now, I could get it by the end of 2020. That will be hard for me since I have to help pay bills and I shop a lot, but I’ll try!”

Ayoung Lee 

My new years resolution is to work towards a healthier mind and to be a more reasonable person.”

Lexus Yamashiro 

“I always say that I’m going to do this and that for the next year but in the end nothing really changes. I think for this new year’s resolution, I just want to continue doing what I can to better myself and work towards becoming a successful person.”