By Theran Galisa | Staff Writer

This past Friday, the Board of Student Activities organized a Walk-A-Thon filled with prizes, events, snacks, and other organizations to spread knowledge about Cancer Awareness Month. This event took place at the KapCC Great Lawn from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and was open to students, faculty, friends, and family. 

“We wanted to have this event to raise awareness for cancer along with physical and mental health,” said Sisilia-Puleʻia Poʻoi, chair of BOSA. 

Gift cards (from $20-$50) were given to the participants who could walk the most steps in the given time slot of 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. To keep track of how many steps participants were taking, they were asked to use a step tracker app. Participants had the ability to walk anywhere on campus to increase their steps taken. 

One of the activities that participants could participate in was dodgeball. Teams were split up into two in hopes of besting the opposing team. (Photo by Theran Galisa)

Participants also had the chance to take part in dodgeball on the Great Lawn. They were split up into two teams and put up against each other in hopes of beating the opposing team. It was also a great way of increasing the amount of steps taken.

“I have been staying home a lot recently so it was nice to get out and do some exercise,” said Sienna K.

Along with the physical activities, there were also several other organizations with booths set up. The organizations that participated included The Board of Student Publications (BOSP), The Board of Student Activities (BOSA) and The Psychology Club.

To support frontline workers during COVID-19 along with the kūpuna community, a station was set up where you could make cards offering moral support to those who need it.