“The new video game, “Splatoon 3,” entices fans with a variety of weapons and more challenging enemies.” (Photo by Cameron Enomoto)

By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Amidst the never-ending pile of homework and repetitive class schedules, it can be difficult to catch a break. Fortunately for us, video games have the power to transport players to breathtaking realities and leave us fascinated with stories and dedication to detail. With an online console, anyone can connect with people all over the world from the comfort of their own home. With that in mind, here are five new games you should consider purchasing to spice up your collection.

“Splatoon 3” (Friday, Sept. 9): Want to play a shooting game without added gore? “Splatoon 3” is the game for you. Players are able to choose a cephalopod companion to play as and fight other teams in a 4 vs. 4 match. There are different battle modes available, though the most popular one is called, “Turf Wars.” Teams must work together to cover their turf with their designated ink color and splat any opponents that get in the way. Each battle is limited to 3 minutes, though it’s anyone’s game depending on how well you are able to coordinate attacks. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and is up for preorder now.

“Pokémon Scarlet & Violet” (Nov. 18): This is the first open-world RPG of the Pokémon series, making it a huge deal to dedicated fans. Since its initial release in 1996, over 122 games have been released along with 1200 anime episodes. In previous Pokémon games, players were limited to a certain number of choices while following the storyline. However, the new open-world feature is a great opportunity to explore what the regions have to offer. Not to mention, there will be at least three new Pokèmon released in-game. The game can be preordered through the official website

“Bayonetta 3” (Oct. 28): While the Bayonetta series remains rated M, it is one of the best character action games on the market. For beginning players, it’s easy enough to get the hang of, though it takes a significant amount of time to master the gameplay fully. The story follows Bayonetta, a witch capable of shapeshifting and using various firearms. More interestingly, she is able to use her hair to summon demons and battle enemies. After players complete battles, they receive a rating based on their performance. This is one of the more addicting aspects of the game and allows room for improvement in combat and strategy. “Bayonetta 3” is set to release on October 28 and will be available for the Nintendo Switch console. Preorder is currently available, though it is age-restricted. 

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2” (estimated spring 2023): The new storyline takes place two years after the original game and features new powers and enemies for players to take on. Additionally, players will be able to explore a realm in the sky, whereas in the previous game it was limited to the ground only. Since the release of the first “Legend of Zelda” game on NES in 1986, popularity has skyrocketed. Both returning and new players are able to experience a one-of-a-kind world with unique characters and beautiful soundtracks. There are many in-game puzzles to solve and resource management is a must, especially with more difficult enemies, making it the perfect game for people who want something exciting. Nintendo anticipates the release to be in spring 2023, though there is no confirmed date yet.

“Starfield” (to be released in 2023): Unlike other roleplay games, “Starfield” offers a realistic survival challenge as players explore numerous star systems with over 1000 planets. In-game characters will have to overcome obstacles like eating and disease, though the most enticing part is Bethesda’s Venus. While this is merely fans’ speculation, Bethesda’s Venus will create much more difficult hurdles when it comes to exploration and inhabitation. The trailer of the game has yet to confirm any of these possibilities, though there is enormous potential in terms of variety. For gamers who are interested in an action story and skill-based decision-making, “Starfield” holds a lot of promise.