By Juri Dagio | Staff Writer

Alvin Timberlake is a 38-year-old military veteran who is studying Information Technology. He did an information technology-related job while he was an active duty in the military. It was with his enthusiasm that he chose to enroll in college as a way to learn more about his chosen career.

“If I have a full semester where I can learn what I was supposed to learn then [in the military], then maybe I’ll have more time to learn it and I can actually apply more information,” Timberlake said.

Since he expected to remain in Hawai’i after serving in the military, he took Hawaiian studies at Leeward Community College and was also enrolled at Leeward Wai’anae Moku. Having attended several community colleges, he chose KCC due to its diversity along with the fact that he lives nearby.

“The people at KCC seems to be more international,” he said. “It’s easier to make connections here than it would be to another school.”

Apart from his keenness to learn more about investing in his spare time, he also likes to watch different people who share their knowledge on YouTube. He mostly pays attention to producers, podcast directors, real estate agents, and business owners.

“Also, I like to stay in shape … go to the gym. I also like to eat good food,” Timberlake said.

Born in Okinawa, Japan, he was captivated by the culture there. From bathroom essentials to office supplies and kitchen utensils ― he buys all of his necessities from Japan. According to him, Japan offers more option when he needs something very specific.

“I like the ryokan, the traditional Japanese style hotels,” he said. “They have like a little section in the room where you have tea, coffee, then you have a little [water] heater. … I wanted that setup in my apartment. It makes me feel like I’m in Japan.”