By Micah Tutuvanu| Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What did you learn about yourself as a student this semester?

Ainsley Shearer
Age: 19 
Hometown: Wenatchee, Washington 
Major: Psychology 

“Doing homework is more fun when you’re passionate. Major in something you’re passionate about.”

Jake Falcey
Age: 18 
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts 
Major: Environmental Science 

“I’ve learned that I have good study tactics.”

Serenity Lopez
Age: 18 
Hometown: Simi Valley, California 
Major: Education 

“I am stronger student than I think I am. I am happy with my progress.”

Plumeria Rothrock
Age: 20
Hometown: Kona, Big Island
Major: Marine Biology 

“I need to improve on time management. It’s something I’ll work on next semester.”

Indigo Blackford
Age: 18 
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Major: Education

“I am improving student habits but its something I have to keep working on. Perseverance is key.”