Author: Gavin Arucan

Mitchell Chamness

Mitchell Chamness is an 18-year-old Freshman at KCC who is still undecided in his major and career goals. While he enjoys theater, he acknowledges the lack of jobs in that area and is instead looking into engineering, architecture, graphic design, and physical therapy.

Over winter break, Mitchell spent more time working at his construction job, catching up on lost sleep after a stressful semester, and hanging out with friends returning from their mainland universities. He also listened to a lot of alternative and indie rock music over break, particularly music from the band Amber Run.

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  • Paulo NikkososaPaulo Nikkososa
    Paulo Nikkososa is a first-year student at KCC. This year is his first semester since his three year gap from school, his major being Liberal Arts. His mode of transportation to and from school being his bike. "[I started cycling] about a year ago. It wasn't really much of a passion at first, it was kind of a decision in life where I was like I need to either get a car or I cycle. Then I weighed out the pros and cons and cycling was more environmentally friendly and it's more friendly for my body, so I chose cycling. And, the more and more I cycled, it got me out a bit more and I got into racing. I ride about 30 miles a day, from Kalihi to here. I started this just about a year ago with this specific type of cycling, which is track. But you know, I've always had a love for bikes since I was young."