Author: Gavin Arucan

Ali Petrucci

Ali Petrucci is currently in her second semester at KCC and is majoring in biology so that she can eventually go into medical school.  Ali is originally from Bogota, the capitol of Colombia, but she moved to Hawaiʻi because her husband is in the military and was stationed on Oʻahu.

Ali loves the people and culture of Hawaiʻi and often rides her bike to experience everything the island has to offer.

“I’m also trying to learn how to play the ‘ukulele right now, so I’m spending a bit of time on that,” says Ali. “Other than that, I’m just going to school.”

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Yonik Gomez

Yonik Gomez is in his first semester at KCC for his general education classes and he intends on graduating with a degree in radiology technology.

“I always wanted to get into the medical field,” says Yonik, but since his wife already lives the stressful life of a nurse, he’d rather “get a job that’ll be relaxing.”

Yonik is from New York but was stationed in Kaneohe in 2012 during his time in the military. He’s glad that he finished his five-year contract in the military and is now hoping to get his degree. In his spare time he likes to cook, work, and draw “anything that’s in front of [him].”

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  • Jatin PandyaJatin Pandya
    Jason Pandya is a first-year student at KCC who is planning to major in Information Technology (IT). His interest in this field stemmed from his experiences at Kaiser High School, having been in clubs like Maker Lab, where students would find spare computers and upgrade it to make them work. Pandya has always enjoyed computers and is excited for his Introduction to Computer Science (ICS) course this coming school year. For now, Pandya is working at the KCC bookstore for this summer as well as the following semester. An interesting fact about Pandya is that he is the son of Professor Pandya, a chemistry teacher at KCC.