Author: Gavin Arucan

Kona Dias

Kona Dias is a second year student at KCC who is studying to major in either Politics, Economics, or Astronomy. Those subjects fascinate him the most. Dias first found interest in Economics when the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy in 2008.

“I am tired going through booms and busts,” said Dias. “What I mean by that is I am tired of artificially low interest rates and central planning.”

In his free time, Dias practices one of his countless hobbies including boxing, tennis, basketball, sprinting, soccer, and reading. Dias has no plans of going Black Friday shopping because he is not a “materialistic type of person.” Instead, Dias plans to study hard to raise his grades and prepare for the upcoming finals.

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  • Caroline DanforthCaroline Danforth
    Caroline Danforth is a third-year student attending UH Mānoa majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM), specializing in Wildlife Management and Ecology. Originally from San Francisco, CA., Danforth is taking a physics course for summer school at KCC. She moved to Oʻahu in 2015 to attend college, sharing that she enjoys being a part of the NREM program in Hawaiʻi because of how it allows her to focus on management of species on a smaller scale. Compared to the mainland, Danforth said that Hawaiʻi has interesting native species that cannot be found anywhere else. In contrast to her educational reasons, Danforth shared that she chose to move to Hawaiʻi to attend college because of its close proximity to places such as the beach, and because of the opportunities that the campuses provide for students. "I like how the culture here really plays a huge influence on pretty much how everyone lives, because where I'm from there isn't ... one culture that stands out more than any of the other ones," Danforth said. "So, I like being able to learn about the Hawaiian culture and things like that, the lifestyle, and just how people interact with other people who are here, [and] the nature."